Treasures for Hope Charity Store is a 501(c)(3) non­profit organization whose primary mission is to turn secondhand items into beautiful treasures and bring awareness to our community about homeless youth and youth aging out of foster care. We also seek to employ homeless and post foster care youth at our charity store providing them with job training that is essential for successful independence. Treasures for Hope financially supports local nonprofits like Villages of Hope providing quality faith-based care for homeless young adults and families in need.


We invite you to come explore the store and find your perfect treasure! You will find a wide array of furniture, home décor, boutique clothing items and more! Stroll through our cozy vignettes that house the items to create a perfect room, or take home individual treasures to customize your own! We strive to keep the quality of our treasures high, as well as the satisfaction of our customers.


The main goal of Treasures for Hope is to provide quality items for the young adults that call our duplexes home. Any treasures of sale-able quality are then taken to Treasures for Hope Charity Store. The funds generated from the sale of these items are directly used to support the necessities and intangibles required to support these programs such as food, school supplies, and quality staff to provide a loving home for our youth. Treasures that we are unable to utilize in the homes or store are then distributed through multiple outreach ministries that Treasures for Hope partners with to meet other needs in the local community.

One of the most exciting aspects about Treasures for Hope is that it was established to create jobs for homeless young adults or youth transitioning out of the foster care system at Villages of Hope! The transition for young adults who age out of the foster system is filled with overwhelming changes that come all at once. At Treasures for Hope, we want to ease this burden by providing a caring, and patient work environment for our kids to seamlessly transition into the workforce. With the knowledge and work ethic learned at Treasures for Hope, our goal is that our young adults are equipped with the skills to carry them on to a successful career path.